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1) REVIEW by

“Remember Chek Jawa epitomizes that spirit, and has, in my opinion, sealed an important place in Singapore’s limited, but growing, filmography. Eric Lim has presented the documentary in easy digestible chunks, deftly handling the talking head interviews with footage of preparation and the actual project itself, highlighting all the anecdotes and challenges, reminding that it is no doubt a difficult task at hand, but one that resulted in a little sweet victory in many sense, and especially to raise awareness of Chek Jawa for audiences who have seen this film.” Read Full Review

2) REVIEW by 联合早报 Chinese Newspaper report on 9 Sept 2007 – 绿色行动


4) IMBD (The Internet Movie Database)


2 Responses to “Reviews/Comments”

  1. bridgette said

    Dear Eric

    I am so proud of you for perservering with this film for so many years. I am even prouder of your continued devotion to your art – film making. What can i say? Even though i was only on this journey with you for a very short time, i am honoured by it. When i saw the stills from the film (on this website), i was really touched by them as they evoked amazing memories. Be so proud of yourself what you have done!

    Warmest regards,

  2. Jo Sim said

    Hi Eric,

    This is Jo from Threesixzero (I just joined so you most likely wouldn’t know me). First, just like to say that I really enjoy your film on Chek Jawa and will like to congratulate you on such an enormously insightful effort. I happen to be doing something that’s related to this subject as well so I was wondering if we can possibly find out more from you if you can spare us a moment?

    My mobile number is 9438 9731 if you’ll like to contact me directly. I can be reached 24/7.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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