Lin Youwei Eric– Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Sound Recordist

Loh Tse-lynn – Advisor to story & marine biology facts
Bridgette See – Advisor to story

Gek Lisan – Principal Editor, Final sound mix
Alvin Lee – Editor

Leong Mun Wai – additional photography
Sherman Ong – additional photography
Alvin Lee,Wildfilms – footage for time-lapse of Chek Jawa incoming tide.

Ria Tan – Lighting Assistant (marine life)
Eileen Chan – Lighting Assistant (marine life)
Teh Jen Lee – Lighting Assistant (marine life)
Loh Tse-lynn – Camera/Lighting Assistant (marine life)
Nancy Ng – Lighting Assistant (survey)

Atwell Jansen, Heritage – Music, selected segments of Album:

  • Track 7- “SURABAYA”
  • Track 6- “IN THE PARK”

Ethan Tan – Music, original composition:

  1. “Casting Doubt”
  2. “Cycle of Life”
  3. “Twilight at Chek Jawa”
  4. “Stirrings of Hope”
  5. “Cherished”

Dr. Chua Ee Kiam – CHEK JAWA MAP (modified) from “Chek Jawa – Discovering Singapore’s Biodiversity” book
Leong Kwok Peng – SINGAPORE RECLAIMED LAND MAPs (animated) from “Singapore Waters – Unveiling Our Seas” book by NSS Marine Conservation Group
Ria Tan – SURVEY FINDINGS PHOTOS and photos for film publicity

Chinese Subtitles –
Vel Ng
Chua Hwee Leng

Jann Chong – Film poster design

N. Sivasothi – Film Website
Ng Hua Qin – Film Website consultant

Special Thanks to:

  • Lee Chuen Ling for recommendation on music
  • Kimberly Claire Ong for advice on script
  • Chris Ong for suggestions on music
  • Goh Sze Yin & friends at CIT, NUS for post technical support

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